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Chairman's Message

Dear Shareholders

In 2016, despite the fact that the government has implemented property measures such as reducing transfer fees and mortgage fees during the first 4 months of the year, coupling with low interest rate, a steady of construction costs as well as investments in railway infrastructure especially electrical trains that becomes clearer, Thai economy has been affected by various factors both internally and externally. Financial institutions remain strict on granting mortgage loans as can be seen in increasing mortgage application rejection for the group of middle-low level houses. Consequently, it impacted on the housing market which results in the decreasing of many companies’ growth rate.

However, the Company and its subsidiaries could increase sales from the previous year of Baht 23,069 million to Baht 24,132 million. This was divided into 47% of condominiums and 53% of landed property. The Company and its subsidiaries launched new projects consisted of 16 landed property projects and 5 condominium projects. Accordingly, there has been total revenues of Baht 23,492 million which grew in line with sales, a net profit of Baht 4,887 million, the gearing ratio of approximately 87% and the average rate cost of fund of 3.1% per year with the asset growth of 9.3% and the shareholders’ equity growth of 15.5%. The Company continued to maintain its credit rating from international rating agency, TRIS at the level of A / Stable.

Currently, Supalai Group of companies has developed approximately 127 projects in Bangkok and its adjacent areas including major provinces, worth over Baht 154,500 million, and a sale backlog of around Baht 36,496 million to be recognized as revenue. These housings both in Bangkok and adjacent areas are ready for sale and they are expected to be transferred of ownership and could be recognized as income continually within the next 3 years.

The Company continues focusing on caring and developing the society to live with warmness and safety which comply with a mission of the Company, that is, “Create & Develop Innovations for Outstanding Performance with Sustainable Growth”. In addition, the Company has launched a concept of “Beautiful Garden-Happy Home,” to introduce green edible area to Thai society in order to inspire the society to grow vegetables at home or in condominium. It focuses on establishing family ties as well as following the royal initiatives on the philosophy of sufficiency economy.

Throughout the past years, the Company won many awards that represented the potential of management, transparency, good governance, social responsibility as well as a leader in development excellent quality of product which were the proud to create good thing to happen in society. The awards of our pride this year are shown below.

  • Awards demonstrating efficiency in the Company’s management. The company has been selected by the Stock Exchange of Thailand to be under a list of Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) for year 2016. The Company has won the award for two consecutive years, and also received the “Investors’ Choice Award” given by the Investors Association of Thailand in cooperation with The Stock Exchange of Thailand, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Thailand Federal Capital Market. The company is one of 47 companies that can maintain an excellent full evaluation score in holding shareholders’ meeting for 4 years (2013-2016) consecutively.
  • Awards representing transparency and good governance. The company has been awarded with “Excellent Workplace” from the Social Security Office to honor the Company on the occasion that Supalai Public Company Limited is a workplace of excellence that fully complies with the established law. Additionally, the Company also received an excellent score on CG for 4 consecutive years.
  • Awards showing social responsibility. The Company has been awarded with “Certificate of ESG100 Company” for 2016 given by ESG Rating of Thaipat Institute, and has been selected as one of the top 100 listed companies with an outstanding operation on sustainability business in areas of environment, social responsibility and good governance. Additionally, the Company also received an award for “Outstanding Organization in Organizing Activities on Social and Environmental Responsibility for 2016” (EIT-CSR Awards 2016) given by the Engineering Institute of Thailand (EIT).
  • Awards representing the leader in development of excellent quality product is “Real Estate Project Award 2015” which selected the project that was “Worth to buy” based on the reasonable price, location, materials, design, patterns and the environment of the projects. The Company also received BCI Asia Top 10 Developers Awards 2016 for the 6 consecutive years.

Over the past 27 years, Supalai Public Company Limited has continued to commit to real estate development business along with giving back to the society in accordance with the Company’s policy “Supalai….We care for Thai society”. It is also committed continuously to create various activities to return profits to the society every year in the forms of education, family, health, environment and cultural activities such as improving schools in rural areas, developing landscape in temples, providing education through academic lectures and promoting mindfulness-meditation, etc. Hence, the Company considers giving back to the society as an important mission of a good governance company, that is, to continuously help taking care of the people and improving the quality of the society.


(Dr.Prateep Tangmatitham)
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Supalai Public Company Limited